Written by: Michael Placencia

What may very well be the song of the summer (if not collab of the summer), deadmau5, Pharrell and The Neptunes gave us “Pomegranate” back in mid May. What was already an infectious summer track just got even more interesting. The reason being is because it has now received the Ninajirachi treatment, and what a deeply electronic Club hit it is. It’s subtle, yet satisfying. Ninajirachi keeps it simple, but gives just enough complexity to make it all her own. After just releasing an addicting-ly great EP, this remix is the icing on the cake.

photo courtesy of reddit.com

deadmau5 ยท Pomegranate (Ninajirachi Remix)

For more Ninajirachi & deadmau5, follow them on their socials below:

Ninajirachi Soundcloud|Ninajirachi Official Website|Ninajirachi Instagram|Ninajirachi Spotify

deadmau5 Soundcloud|deadmau5 Official Website|deadmau5 Youtube|deadmau5 Instagram

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