Written by Victoria Garces

Since launching his solo act in 2014, Morillo has been gaining recognition through the community. Releasing with established labels like PlayMe Records and Gravitas Recordings, and gaining support from TroyBoi and Ekali, Morillo‘s project is one to put on your playlists and jam to all day. Morillo’s music has been recognized as the “sound of GoPro” and featured in many online videos, including GoPro’s “Best of 2016” video.

The LA producer celebrates his birthday with an earthly trap track, “The Calling,” dedicated to Black Lives Matter and the passing of George Floyd. “The Calling” is Morillo‘s 2nd track off Hybrid Trap following his MASSIVE track “Makers Anthem,” which gained massive recognition and even caught the attention of Miss Universe Vietnam. The track sends a powerful message to never stop standing your ground and to keep raising your voice.

Calling out to all my brothers and sisters in sound. Music has always been an incredibly powerful tool in times like these. So many of the worlds most beloved songs were written in response to events just like the ones we see happening right now. Use your voices and your talents to bring the topics you care about to life, to promote the change you want to see in the world, and to inspire and bring people together. This is what I’d really love to see happen. A resurgence in conscious music. The powerful lyrics I’ve shared today are from a new and unreleased tune of mine. They are sampled from Holding onto Jah, a documentary created by Harrison Stafford of GROUNDATION about the oppressed Rastafarian culture in Jamaica in the 60’s and 70’s and how the musicians of the time used roots-reggae music as an outlet to speak about social injustices and bring their people together.” – Morillo


Artists are starting to use their platforms and talents to bring awareness to topics like these and to promote the change we want to see. With talents and the drive he has, the future looks bright for Morillo and we’re so hype to see his future become brighter and brighter.

Picture from Morillo’s Facebook


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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