Written by Victoria Garces

California artist Elderbass is fresh on the market as an eager bass producer. This hidden gem’s waves hit us hard with his latest release. With the underground getting more spotlight than ever, finding said gems like Elderbass is one you wanna have for safe keeping. Elderbass‘ sound can be described as ‘deep and intricate’ with a signature crispy bassline that smacks you right in the face.

‘UNDRGRND’ begins with its harmonious synths bringing you in followed by an experimental structure so spicy you’re gonna have to start it over again… I know I did. If it’s nice play it twice, y’know?! “Nowadays, it’s the ways of the UNDERGROUND” just resonates within you, if it’s not that, it’s probably the fat bassline you hear throughout Elderbass‘ sound design on this one.

Although in the beginning steps of his career, Elderbass, also known as Connor, has caught the attention of notable artists such as TYNAN, PEEKABOO, CHOMPPA, and Matt Doe. Demonstrating his wicked abilities in his 2020 showcase, it’s no wonder why he’s caught some eyes already. It’s FULL of spicy IDs and remixes that satisfy your eardrums.

Get Elderbass on your radar and watch his story flourish.


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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