Written by Sina Watson

Los Angeles producer Noizu has been holding up to his promise of delivering “Heaters Only,” with catchy dancefloor hits like “Elevate”, “Baby Baby”, and “Dance.” In less than a year from its release, “Baby Baby” has gathered almost 2 million listeners on Spotify alone and has seen great support from house artists across the board. Noizu‘s latest release “Summer 91” is guaranteed to trigger the nostalgia of 90’s house music with its melodic piano, pop vocals, and snare drums.

The track immediately captures the listeners attention with the vocal note “When you don’t realize you’re in the moment, until its a memory,” accompanied with a infectious piano tune. Next the vocal chant “I just cant stop looking back,” swoops in to whisk the listener back to a summer of Polaroid cameras, slinkys, and Capri Suns.

Thankfully we don’t have to rewind our cassette tapes when we listen to this track on repeat from our bedrooms this summer. “Summer 91” is out now on Noizu’s label Techne on Insomniac Records.

Brb gotta go check to see if my Tamagotchi are still alive, I haven’t fed them in over a decade.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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