blasé’s infectious new house bump, “Booty Move“, has a knack for getting you up and moving each time it’s played. blasé, a.k.a Blaizes House project, is starting to make a name for itself with the constant flow aggressive, groovy, and irresistible tracks. With “Booty Move“, the repeating and catchy lyrics flow effortlessly into a groovy drop that injects you with an instant boost of energy, essentially epitomizing it’s title as you wild out in your bedroom. Clear your room of valuables, click play, and go stupid!

“Show me what you got, I need to know”. If that line isn’t seared into my brain after today, I’d be extremely surprised. blasé is a go-to for me when I need to keep myself up and moving or if I need to work on something, and “Booty Work” for me is the perfect track to characterize the blasé experience. With such an explosive drop, and the lyrics and groove being so catchy, “Booty Work” is a 10 in the ability to not only get you on the floor, but repeat the lyrics as you slow motion fall to the ground because you were trying to dance and your foot got caught on the floor!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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