Written by Victoria Garces

Tampa native, Evan Cazes, known behind the decks as, EVALUTION, is a rising star in the Florida music scene. Stepping into the scene in his early college years, EVALUTION started gaining traction and a growing fan base with making appearances at local Tallahassee venues. He shortly found his love for music production and started developing his sound into a deep trippy experimental. With his down South knowledge, he combined his bluesy and guitar twang into his tracks that create a sound that’ll be your newfound favorite.


The latest from EVALUTION is fresh off Power House Records and it’s a 4-track EP titled “Railhouse Rock”.

The EP starts with “Bass N’ Blues”, a track that really sets the tone and shows you what EVALUTION is all about. His electric guitar guides you into a wonky bass-filled drop that just manic with the synths. “Make It Loud” is soulful track filled with lyrics and a Blues, almost Ragtime, piano accompaniment. EVALUTION really channels some Boogie T vibes on this one.

Stream on Spotify/Apple Music – https://fanlink.to/PH137

“Funk It Up” is more on the heavier side of things. The grungy growls compliment the funky riffs EVALUTION laid down. Rounding out the EP is a more downtempo reggae vibe with a deep drop that makes you ‘Feel Alright’. This EP from EVALUTION has summer vibes written all over it and the sound from Evan is one I wanna keep hearing. Add these tracks to your playlists and play this the next time you’re hanging out outside in your backyard or hanging by the pool.

from EVALUTION Facebook


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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