When I heard a collab from the the space dino G-rex and Tvbooty was due out on Wakaan, I knew I was in for an absolute treat. The two did not disappoint. With G-rex always bring his unique sounds to the table and Tvboo’s fun loving wubs; this one is truly a fusion of a tune.

“If G-REX is gonna be using a horse sample, it’s best he has someone on a track who actually knows how to ride! This song is so different than anything we’ve ever done but still sounds so much like us at the same time”


“Dweller” starts off a bit eerily with a witch laugh in the background as a warning siren goes off as the track proceeds to further create a sense of impending chaos. The drop hits though and takes us on a SHARP turn into the world of weirdness, full speed ahead on the Wub Drive. G-rex and Taboo’s collaboration easily lives up to the hype and then some. It smashed us completely on our heads for the second spirit bomb of a drop. This one is going to be WILD hearing out of full festival systems.

“I’ve known TVBOO for a while now and started this idea at a tempo that I usually don’t typically produce at. It turned out to be a cool idea that I thought would really go hand in hand with mixing our styles. When I sent him the demo, he loved the concept and went in and really brought it to life and we had it done in no time. I’ve been closing all my sets off with it and the crowd reaction has been absolutely insane. Super excited to finally get this one out there on Wakaan!”


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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