Photos & Article Written by Nathen Lane

Kenzi Sway, a Texas native, has once again released a new track that’ll keep you on your toes…or in the pit.

Kenzi’s latest release, “Mad,” has swarmed the listeners by the masses with this heavy-hitting track. With loud gut-punching bass kicks and meticulous build-ups, it’s without a doubt this song will be in many peoples playlists; as it climbs up the charts.

The past few releases have shown what Sway has been cooking up in the studio; and the listeners are all here for it. With regular events on hold for the near future due to too much speculation, the time has given audio engineers the time to truly work on their sound and develop their craft. Kenzi Sway is an artist I’d keep my eyes on, as her production only gets better.

Kenzi also has a promo video to go along with this, as her favorite part of her career is hearing/seeing her listeners react to her music. The Alice in Wonderland touch to it was neat; as all the food slowly floats upwards in slow-motion; as if a trip has gone wrong…making one, MAD!

Eager to get back behind the decks, Kenzi has been practicing for the day we can all rage again at a set she plays near you. So please, WEAR YOUR MASKS!

Be sure to check out the release if you haven’t done so already!

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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