Written by Erik Gonzalez

New Jersey producer Austin Collins, better known by his stage name Au5, dropped his latest track “Answers” via the label Enhanced Music; ran by Tritonal and Will Holland. Au5, who has been featured on labels such as Monstercat Media, Viper Recordings, Armada Music, OWSLA, and many more, is heavily influenced by an array of genres (including trance, electro house, dubstep, etc) that he then uses to form his cutting edge soundscape.

Photo taken from Facebook

The single, especially the extended version, is a melodic dubstep gem aligned with incredible vocals signifying the realization of “Answers” you’ve always wanted to know. The track follows his recent release of Chime and his “Wasteland” Trivecta remix. The producers’ use of chillstep influences and mid tempo infused bass showcases how he keeps pushing boundaries within the electronic scene. The second drop gives us an even faster-paced tempo that really catches the listener by surprise. At first, you think things will take a slower turn, a fulfilling trip through your deepest feelings, but then things speed up and your heart begins to race. “Answers,” as well as his other tracks, goes to show how good Au5 is in creating hypnotic tunes. Listen to the track via the Souncloud link below! Or click here to see all streaming portals.

Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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