Wonk-trap? Bounce-trap? GURF‘s latest release is a flip of the talented Troyboi and Snakehips‘ track, ‘Wavez‘, and it’s not something easily describable (easily replayable though!). The Maryland-based producer and founder of the elite Partica Artist Group is the same mastermind behind tracks like ‘chill tf out‘, another out of the ordinary sounding track that keeps you coming back for more. Building off that, I think it’s easy to spot when someone’s doing something a bit different and doing it well, and the continued use of “different” in terms of production and sound only adds even more to the name GURF has built.

The demonic voice against rings at the beginning is a perfect personification of this flip, being so different and out there yet sounding so, so good. You can quite literally feel the fun GURF had making this flip, and it’s bleeding through the track with it’s ability to make you subconsciously start making your head groove a little! I can tell this is trap, but it still feels so different and new enough that I have a hard time finding the words to describe just what’s going on here. I love it! GURF without a doubt has done the original justice, amping up on the groove and still giving it an entirely new feel.

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Partica Artist Group

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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