Written by Chase Wilson and Sina Watson

Music runs deep within the bloodline of 18-year-old producer Angel Acevedo known as CADOFOX, as he comes from a long line of traditional Mexican folk musicians. Having grown up in California and Virginia with a father that freelances as a DJ, Angel began producing at the young age of 10-years-old. CADOFOX’s sound production explores the darker themes of sound design with drops that are primarily groove based and massive sample manipulation. His use of unconventional and broken sounds deliver that “glitchy” and “sporadic” feeling.


Getting to know CADOFOX.

What made you want to start producing/performing?
EDM piqued my interest when a few of my friends introduced me to Skrillex, through which I discovered other artists like Zomboy and Virtual Riot. Once I realized that all my new favorite songs were made electronically, I wanted to try to do it myself and started having ideas on what I would want my own music to sound like.
Who/what has been your inspiration?
I would say as far as artists, no one has yet to inspire me as much as Moore Kismet has. I’ve gone through periods of inspiration from many artists, but I didn’t really start pushing my limits and thinking outside the box until I discovered Moore‘s stuff. Some of my biggest inspirations from outside of conventional EDM are people like Jacob Collier, Ben Levin, and Adam Neely.
Who are your top 5 producers? Who would you most want to collab with?
I would say Moore Kismet, Jon Casey, Dr. Ozi, Soltan, and Jacob Collier. That is a really tough question, but I think combining the realm of dubstep and trap sound design with Jacob Collier‘s style would yield the most interesting and unique results. It is an extremely close decision though.
What is your creative process like?
I would say my creative process always starts with a general vibe in mind. I usually go for darker themes, but I branch off too. Drops for me are primarily groove-based, and I like to pay extra attention to how things flow rhythmically. After that, it’s just making or finding sounds that serve that groove well. Sound design is also a huge portion of my process. Sample manipulation is my favorite, and a phrase I like to live by is no sample is a bad sample. A great portion of my creative flow is finding new programmatic and generative ways to make new and unique sounds.
Image from Cadofox Instagram
Hobbies outside of music?

I have too many, to be honest. I love digital art, and spend a lot of my time outside of music taking pictures, drawing or doing graphic design, 3D rendering, and doing various other little things, which usually tie back into my music in some way. I also like to pick up random little less than useful skills like solving a Rubik’s cube really fast, pen spinning, and flipping around a butterfly knife.


Currently CADOFOX is balancing the normal stressors of high school like applying for college. As he prepares for his music school audition, CADOFOX is working on a full EP. Not only is he a talented young producer, but also very skilled in visual arts. He spends his free time outside capturing photos, drawing or working on his graphic design skills seen on his Instagram.

We’re excited to share “Short Circuit” with you this Friday and expect CADOFOX to be a name you hear often within the electronic community.

Pre-Save “Short Circuit” here.

“Love it when I can hear something original and different and instantly feel hooked on it. It’s such a refreshing feeling given the bland copy-cat culture of today’s dance music landscape.. good stuff Cado.”


When we first heard this song on the zoom call, I was absolutely blown away. I can’t even believe somebody is capable of doing something this fucking good. But here we are. Super glad this one is coming out”

Moore Kismet

Connect with Cadofox

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