Written by: Bryanna Capoy

Inspired by quarantine’s angst, HAY! and FREAKY make the perfect collab that doesn’t fail to show their passion for music. This track will definitely make you want to get up and leave your depression behind, to get hyped up, ready to rage and pumped! Add the hype to your playlists now. “HIT A KICK” starts off with an array of various synths, gunshots, clicks and the featured artist BLUPILL‘s voice going hard in the back.


We asked HAY! what the release on Heavyweight Records meant to him:

I saw Carnage at Mala Luna in 2017 and never imagined that 3 years later I would be dropping a song on his label with Alex (Freaky).” Also, I wanted to give a shout out to my manager Kevin Tartaglio for helping put this release together despite personal challenges. It’s been a rough couple of months for him and his family and I can’t thank him enough for still putting in maximum effort.

Not to mention, this track happens to be released on HAY’s birthday the 24th of July which is the perfect celebration. Go check them out and give the track a listen!

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Posted by:bryanna capoy

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