Written by Corey Zielke

Born and raised in Southern California, up and coming hybrid bass music producer STUCA has been making waves in 2020. Following his Incinerate EP that dropped earlier this year on Never Say Die: Black Label, putting the young bass music producer on the map, the next few months saw him releasing the hit singles “Sus” and “Need Me ft. Eugene.” The later of which I covered just last month, and you can read that here. Now, with the eyes of the bass music scene on him more than ever, he continues his takeover with his second NSD: Black Label release, the Powerhouse EP, a magnum opus that shows us that STUCA’s industrial powered sound is here to stay.

A wild, untamed, industrial sound.

STUCA’s tracks are always insane, pushing the boundaries of genres and defying our expectations at every turn. The 4 tracks on the Powerhouse EP have his unique sound on full display, every drop more insane than the last. My personal favorite song from the EP has to be “Sick Wubs.” The track has STUCA’s usual madness cranked up to 11; the pumping rhythms and industrial soundscape create a truly insane mix of sounds to bring us one of the heaviest tunes to drop all year. “Scorch” is a close second though, if for no other reason than how unique each drop is. Really though, it is impossible to chose just one, this entire EP is worth listening through from start to finish, and I don’t say that often. You can stream the EP on all platforms now, or listen below while you check out some of the other amazing articles written by the Trillvo team, and be sure to follow STUCA on social media to stay on top of this rising star’s future releases.


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Posted by:Corey Zielke

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