Article and All Photos by Nathen Lane

RJ; whom goes by Dubstep Icon, Bear Grillz, has released yet another whopping EP that will keep you in your feels, while keeping you in the pit with your friends…at a safe six feet distance of course. The Ground Zero EP is OUT NOW on Dim Mak.

Bear Grillz; a dubstep icon and a Colorado resident; has shown what the Bear has been cooking up in his cave; with so much more up his sleeve. This EP took me through a mix of emotions; rather than some intense, eerie, tear-out dubstep we all know and love (dearly). Every sound engineer goes on their own journey to try and find and evolve their sound and style. With everything going on during this pandemic, I definitely got a different tone from his music; a different feeling.


One feeling I got out of listening to the, “Ground Zero EP,” was that in the end, we are all going through this together. Times like this when the norm is to be inside instead of being outside, don’t forget to check up on your friends…you never know what someone else might be going through; as social media is the biggest mask behind peoples struggles. Another feeling I got was when I was listening to the first track, “Vision,” which is in collaboration with the vocalist, Atarii. With the pandemic really taking a toll on everyones mental health, it’s easy to get carried away with things and veer off the path you’ve started to pave for yourself. The feeling I got during that song was that everything is going to be okay. The right people who I see in my vision; see the vision too.

Vision” consists of Atarii speaking about their vision, about their routines before weeding out those that aren’t in the vision. That speaks volumes and has so much depth to it. It really made me think about how I could incorporate that into my own life. Weeding out those that don’t reciprocate the same energy as you give out are those that only are slowing you down; trust your vision, and the people you surround your vision around.

The second song on the EP is “Fire.” The song starts off suddenly with eerie/mysterious sounds to be met at the drop with massive bass kicks and screeches eager to keep you moving around the social distanced pit. I really loved this track as it showed the heavy-ness of what the pandemic is doing around us. From our mental health, to the steps of our own capitol, change is happening and is coming; as the people said enough is enough.

The third track off  of Ground Zero is “Don’t Giva.” The track starts off with a mixture of electronic sounds to create an array of ambient noises to collide at the drop with a sample that says “I don’t give a f*ck.” The loud screeches and bass womps meet up shortly after to give you one massive track that makes me feel like I, “Don’t Giva.” This one can also be directed towards what’s happening, as the world is at a standstill waiting for something good to finally happen. The people are rising again. The citizens have finally said, ENOUGH.

The final track off the EP includes another collaboration with Atarii called, “It Ain’t True.” The song starts off very calm, talking about someone, “Taking my mind some place I had never been.” The build up starts with Atarii talking about how they say they love each other, but that the words don’t have any actual meaning behind it. The second set of verses talk about how Atarii wants to believe her words but it’s so hard as it’s making him, “running in circles.” The track speaks to you as it really makes you think if the words are meant or not from someone you love. The drop has massive womps and RJ’s unique new evolving sound design meticulously developed to bring together a masterpiece. This was easily my favorite track from the EP.

Overall, Bear Grillz Ground Zero EP was fantastic. The 4 tracks all are similar but differ in their own way; carrying the same type of style throughout each song. The title of all the songs along with the EP relate to the state our world is in right now and frankly; the titles suit it perfectly. With times like these where the world is in a constant chaos, it’s important to take this time to find new things about yourself. The creative renaissance is only getting stronger!

Be sure to check out the EP for yourself down below to preview what RJ is cooking up in the studio

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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