Written By: Chase Wilson

Virginia-based, California-made CADOFOX was the winner of our most recent event, the Isolation Compilation, asking producers from all over to send in their tracks to hopefully be chosen by the amazingly talented trio of judges consisting of Moore Kismet, VRG, and NAZAAR. The masterfully made “Short Circuit” incorporates old sounds and the core idea of the genre in new and different ways. The 18-year-old CADOFOX so eloquently combines so many of these new ideas in this track. It’s no wonder “Short Circuit” went first overall. 


Within the first seconds, you’re brought back to the time when tracks like “Dum Dum” reigned over all our playlists. The catchy first drop introduces us to the elements CADOFOX will be manipulating in out-of-the-box ways through the rest of the track, the seconds before the second drop being just one instance. Above all, “Short Circuit” is a track you’ll enjoy pressing replay on, especially with how easily it finds its way into your head with catchy melodies and encircles your mind with some of the most satisfying sequence of sounds we’ve heard all year, all while bringing a refreshing take on one of the most popular genres in all of EDM.

Connect with Cadofox

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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