Written by Erik Gonzalez

Ophelia Records founder, Jeff Montalvo, AKA Seven Lions is known as one of the best dusbtep/psytance/DnB producers in the scene. He continues to amaze us with his capability in uniting together some of the best artists while having them produce tracks that leave listeners in a state of euphoria. Most recently, lyrical genius Dylan Matthew and the prominent Trance group Fatum collaborated through the label to give us one of the most captivating tracks of the year, titled “Train To Nowhere”

Taken from Fatum’s Facebook

The single softly begins with angelic vocals from Dylan Matthew, feathered with some piano tunes as a starter. The synths and melodies blend so well together that the transitioning into a progressive beat flows beautifully with Dylan’s lyrics like “we say goodbye for now, Oh I know you’ll be safe, Oh somewhere, I wish you could turn around.” By the second drop, the track is dubbed into a feel of melodic exhilaration that’s uplifting and dashed with the perfect amount of future bass.

Taken from Dylan Matthew’s Facebook

Ophelia Records being inclusive to artists like Dylan and Fatum is a perfect depiction of how intimate different genres can be when layered together. All in all, “Train To Nowhere” truly shows how versatile artists can be. Listen to the track below!


Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Facebook| Twitter | Soundcloud

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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