Written by Victoria Garces

Releasing their wonky track on Boogie T‘s esteemed label Drama Club, the Nevada based artist CVPTVGON and Wyoming resident Dank Frank team up to bring you “Willy Wonka Wobble.” CVPTVGON‘s style can be described as a forward style of music with his gritty sound and unique flow. He has grabbed the attention of artists like ATLiens and Peekaboo, as well as labels like Deadbeats and Spicybois. Dank Frank is a project started by Icon student Frank Menolascino. He uses his Wyoming atmosphere to create and inspire his tracks that have gained notability from Deep, Dark, and Dangerous and SubCarbon Records. Both of these artist are rising stars in the bass community and this collab shows their versatility as artists.

pictures from CVPTVGON and Dank Frank IG

Starting off with a downtempo intro, CVPTVGON and Dank Frank take you down into their own factory where it’s full of oopma-loopa-wubs and a chocolate river of just down right wonky filth. This is one of those tracks that you have to put on repeat…one time through isn’t enough. Drama Club Records struck the Golden Ticket with this one. We immediately had to put this one on our Space Wubs playlist.


Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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