Article and all Photos by Nathen Lane

With the pandemic continuing to spike across the globe, one of the most impacted industries was the music industry. This has created mass closures of events; with no real speculation as to when concerts will return to normalcy. Promotion companies trying to host these drive-ins, “private” raves and other guerilla events are only making this longer for everyone else waiting. They also play a part in driving smaller companies out, by trying to play by any rules to make shows happen. The reality is that those promotion companies trying to capitalize on a pandemic is of poor morals in our community; with no respect for anyone else’s health and well being. Taking shows out of an artists revenue stream, let alone anyone else that is on the artists’ team, is losing out on massive performance royalties; not to mention any merchandise that would have been sold.

On top of the end of *normal events for the foreseeable future, the pandemic has put a mental impact on everyone’s lives; with many peoples careers on edge or close to the edge of staying afloat. A dubstep icon that has been an impact to us all, who goes by Dubloadz, has recently stepped down from the project as he stated, ” is a band aid I need to rip off at this point.” Dave’s sound was so meticulous and was everywhere on the spectrum from house, to dubstep, and everything in between. His sound was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and was an inspiration to many in the industry. He is still so grateful for all the amazing memories made and people he met, but it is a chapter that needs to come to an end for him.

Along with Dubloadz stepping down from the project, there have been battles others that were involved in the industry are now facing. Aubre C. (@sleepysiis) and her boyfriend Johnny O. (@snapaholix), are now facing the question of, “What’s next?” That’s the million dollar question that yet remains unknown. Both Johnny and Aubre are photographers; eager to get back on the stage behind the lens. Without shows happening which brought them their main stream of income, they both have been trying to find other mediums of income to help them stay afloat.

“When the pandemic started and I lost photography as my main source of income, I was lucky enough that I still had my job at Starbucks. Sadly my store ended up closing, I had to pick up shifts at another store and barely got any hours. On top of that, photography was my boyfriends’ only source of income and it took a few months for him to finally get accepted for unemployment…I ended up having to take unpaid leave, now that extra $600 a week has ended and we’re starting to worry about how we’re going to make money.”

– Aubre C. /CO

The struggle many are facing that had a career in the music industry..

“Over the last few months, both of us (Aubre & Johnny) have started selling prints of our photos as a way to make some extra money. It’s cool knowing that people want to pay to hang our art on their walls. “

-Aubre C. / CO

Aubre also mentions how she ended up selling her camera to help put money towards bills. Any creative on any spectrum knows the feeling of letting your bread and butter go to help you sustain living…and it truly is crushing.

On a positive note, Aubre hopes by the time shows come back to normalcy, that she will be able to purchase another one so she can start getting back at it again. One thing that she mentions that really stuck to me was to never take things for granted. All the opportunities we all attain based on people you meet, the time and place, can lead you to continuous yet endless opportunities to help you grow as a person and as a business. With shows being put on halt, it’s okay to take a step back, and take a moment to take in everything. During that deep breath, your mind will go back through the memories you’ve made; and will truly help you appreciate everything that may have not been before, here on out.

The last thing that stuck to me that Aubre mentioned was that, “It’s important to have a back up plan.” With shows not happening, now is the time to find other ways to improve yourself so that you do have a Plan B, or C. She is taking the time to go back to school to finish what she started years ago, in which many are doing during a time with no normalcy in the industry.

Many are calling this a, “Creative Renaissance.” Seeing so many friends taking the time to stay at home to find new hobbies and crafts has flourished their creativity. I have not seen as much of a spark in my friends and their ideas as I have in a long time. The time spent at home people have been using wisely to improve their craft; waiting for our legal parent (the Government) to let shows return to normalcy.

Overall, the important thing during this whole pandemic is to try and find yourself within you. Find out within yourself what it is you want to do and why. Finding a purpose in what you’re doing will change your perspective completely. To the artists and creatives that are at home most of their days struggling mentally, if you give yourself that deep breath and moment of silence, the reasons on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it will surface. Not only surface, but help you attain the warmth you once felt in your music and craft. Never forget the reason it is why you do what you do. In the mean time, hang in there. We will all get through this together.

If you need some music to help you de-stress, check out the famous album Above & Beyond Made called, Flow State, down below.


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