Houston-based trap producer Snxxz3 (Snoozy) makes his return to the site, this time as one of the winners of our Isolation Compilation, and also bringing a new track to sprinkle on our ears. Real name Jeremy Cruz, Snxxz3 has been on a tear during the dreaded year of 2020, pumping out tracks like “Hibernatin,” an energetic trap bump with out-of-the-box ideas building off slamming 808s. Today, we took some of Snxxz3‘s time and asked him a couple questions regarding his past and present, his goals for the future, and more!


“I’ve been Producing since I was 15, I’m 29 now so it’s been well over a decade.”

What made you want to start producing/performing?

“It all started in my early high school days. I had a really close friend at the time that loved to rap. He just needed a producer to give him an original sound and that’s where I came in. I’ve always had a passion for Hip Hop music and a love for the culture. It wasn’t until I heard Skrillex years later that made my whole perspective of a producer shift. He inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and to create new sounds. Truly a Legend that guy!”

How would you describe your sound and how did you develop it?

“I’ve been told I make Hood Bops with the sassiest bounciest sounds lol. I’m really open format though, you never know what to expect from me. One-day I’ll make some house music; next I’m making Rnb/Hiphop and then one-day I’ll be on my experimental Trap Shieee. I don’t like to be confined to just one genre! I developed by reverse engineering my favorite tracks! I would study the arrangement; instrumentation, the mix and I would attempt to remake that track! I still do that to this day, it helps me grow as an Artist/Producer.”

Who are your top 5 producers? Who would you most want to collab with?

“This is tough affff! Honestly, I don’t have an order just ones that come off the top! So, BOOM! Skrillex, Noah 40 Shebib, Timbaland, Yojas and anyone from Partica. I know I cheated, there’s just too many dope producers outchea to only name 5. lol At the moment though, Hiphop wise, Drake has been on my list for yearsss. I have buku, ideas for him that I know he would snap on plus I got that Houston/Trap culture flowing through me! As far as the EDM scene, Skrillex of course! Yojas im still coming for you too!”

What’s something that’s always in your bag that no one has any idea about?

“I typically got Oatmeal pies with me lol. If you were to check my bag and there wasn’t one in there, it’s probably because I already ate it. lmfao

Click on his socials below, check his new track Hollow Tip out, and be ready for Friday when his winning track comes out on the Isolation EP!




Connect with Snxxz3

Soundcloud | Spotify| Instagram | Twitter


Posted by:Chase Wilson

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