Written By: Chase Wilson

Australian-based producer MVUNG came swinging at our Isolation Compilation, and his track “CHROMED” had our jaws scraping the floor. The loud, in-your-face, aggressive single crowns itself with an almost haunting use of bass in the buildups that combine with the other elements present in the drops to absolutely wreck face when it gets down to it. MVUNG‘s no stranger to experimental trap, and you can fact-check that by checking some of his tracks, like “Artillery” with Hollimon. His ability to experiment and come up with something that pushes himself and his music is his hallmark, and with him continuing to hone and design his style and craft, it’s in your best interest to keep an eye on MVUNG. See what he has to say on his start, his influences, and his plans post-COVID as well as why he should be prosecuted over lip balm, or the absence of!

When did you start dabbling in electronic music? What about producing? 

“I only actually started enjoying electronic music at the start of 2018. I started seriously trying to learn production in about September 2018.”

If you had a top 5 list for EDM, what artists would make the cut?

“Without a doubt, mine would be: Yojas, Nxsty, ATLiens, Krischvn and SVDDEN DEATH.”

Post COVID, what plans do you have regarding the future of MVUNG?

“Just before covid hit, I had plans to move to Brisbane to be closer to the scene that month, once this whole thing blows over that’s my #1 priority still.”

 What music or new artists have you found yourself listening to recently? 

“Been bumping that new CHOMPPA on Deadbeats non-stop! Along with CVPTVGONS 5 new releases this month, I’m pretty set for new music. “Block by Gentis is probably my favourite new tune at the moment though.”

What odd item or accessory do you bring with you everywhere?

“If you catch me on the street without at least 1 lip balm; prosecute me.”

What was the production process like for you on your track “Chromed” with us on the Isolation EP?

“Honestly had some of the most fun making “CHROMEDI’ve had making any tune. The whole thing was just one big sound design experiment, and to see how many different wook basses I could make out of this one wack 808. Turns out you can make a fair few.”  


Follow on his socials below, and don’t forget to get the pre-save on his track “CHROMED,” out everywhere TONIGHT AT 12AM!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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