Written by: Michael Placencia

If you aren’t yet familiar with Tyler Lawrence, this track will definitely catch you up to speed on what you can expect from this young talented artist. Having studied at Pyramid Production School in San Francisco, Tyler has been hard at work with his own specific sound. “Slow It Down” is actually a follow up single to “The Heet.” With “Slow It Down,” you are presented with a beautiful Future Bass sound, with Bass House elements as well. Tyler’s created a nice blend of genres that’s sure to catch, and keep, your attention quite nicely.

attached-Tyler Lawrence
Photo Courtesy of Tyler Lawrence Music

Here’s what Tyler himself had to say about the track:

“With this track, I really tried to capture what it feels like when you’re first falling in love. You’re in this crazy whirlwind and you get caught up thinking about what could be or what will happen, but once you take that breath and just be still, you settle into that indescribable euphoria that is love.”

– Tyler Lawrence

tyler lawrence · slow it down

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