Manic Focus and Mersiv team up to create an amazingly creative collision with their  colossal collaboration on Solar Vision. They channel the energy of the sun through the solar system and straight to your eardrums. The two track EP is nothing short of impressing, influencing and the perfect energy that’s needed in these quarantine times.

Manic Focus · Any Realer – Manic Focus & Mersiv

“Any Realer” starts off with a sense of floating in the cosmos watching stars drift by in wonderment at the infinite expanse of the universe. The beat steady builds and transports you right to the drop with the energy of a solar wave. The further the wave goes it twists, turns, and bumps as it rides the invisible waves at the speed of light brining its energy to a dark void filling it with light. Briefing swirling around this new void that has been brought to life the energy of the track takes back off into the universe as it granted just a brief view of a Solar Vision.

Manic Focus · Solar Vision – Manic Focus & Mersiv

“Solar Vision” continues on with harnessing the energy of the Sun into sound waves. This time binding it to the lyrics and bidding us to be “Super human, fight them evil demons.” All the while a cosmic cry echoes in the background twinkling in and out like a fading star. It is easily a groove that is going to make you move. The lyrics also act as a mantra having the impact of a positive vibe spirit bomb.
We cant wait for more team ups from Manic Focus and Mersiv in the future, so be sure to follow both artists and show the support where you can!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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