Written by Krysta Zelaya

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if a Rezz song and a 1788-L song had a baby? No, just me? Okay fine, but I have the answer to this question anyway. It’s the new ALKM3 remix of “Sometimes” by LovelyBones. This remix is a blend of downtempo, deep dub, and dubstep- signature sounds for artists Rezz and 1788-L. Upon hearing it I was instantly enamored by the track. Based out of Lubbock Texas, Raymond Rico “ALKM3” (pronounced Alchemy) is an up and coming local artist. He has opened for notable acts Kendoll and Bailo.

LovelyBones · Lovelybones – Sometimes (ALKM3 Remix)

Inspired by artists such as Seven Lions, Ekali, Illenium, and Porter Robinson; the genre-bending “Sometimes” remix is a bit out of left field for ALKM3. The Texas native says that he’s been “finding remix competitions to enter to push myself as a producer and show my versatility with other genres.” This idea of exploring versatility is emblematic of the artist himself. The name ALKM3 came from Rico’s interest in his favorite anime Full Metal Alchemist and the shows dive into the concept of alchemy. Rico goes on to say “The idea of alchemy is fascinating and can easily translate into my music…a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. That is literally what we do as producers when making music. We create something magical, a feeling or vibe that can’t be fully described with words.”

Photo from Instagram

When events get going again, be sure to check him out! In the meantime, pursue his socials and be sure to add the “Sometimes (ALKM3 Remix)” to your spooky songs Spotify playlist.

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