Written by Krysta Zelaya

“Nervous Habits” by GG Magree featuring alt-punk singer Joey Fleming is out now on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak. The two singers go back and forth “speaking” to one another throughout the song. Australian powerhouse GG Magree’s light and soft voice is juxtaposed beautifully with Fleming’s gritty vocal styling.

Fleming’s vocals, the lyrics, even the video itself are all very reminiscent of a certain era of pop-punk; looking at you 2007. Skip forward to 1:20 and every millennial will immediately have the most soul warming DeviantArt flashbacks, like Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul level warming. The entire song along with the video throw you back into the musical era where pop punk reigned supreme until the synths in the drop pull you right back into 2020 EDM. The song is a stunning fusion of the two very popular genres of music. Magree’s voice is deeply moving on this track – soft and sweet, but her light vibrato absolutely shakes you to the core. The content itself describes a complicated relationship. “And I’ll take Hell over Heaven if it means I’ll be locked in your arms once again…But I’ll keep you close, I won’t let you go, You’re my nervous habit.”

My emo heart, I’m shook.

“Nervous Habits” is an EMODM anthem. If you used to rock skinny jeans with a studded belt, this song will make your heart swoon. And if you didn’t, play it on repeat anyway it’s an absolute bop.

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