SQUNTO‘s made a recent return to music, in new form and accompanied by new ideas. One of these new ideas incorporates the use of the pre-1940s western idea of tuning, where most tuning was loosely set in or around 432hz, where we now use a system of tuning that is based mostly around 440hz. 432hz provides a much more unified, organized picture when used in cymatics, and I suspect the idea that SQUNTO brings to our attention is much the same regarding a musical piece. There’s a whole lot more information out there about it, including SQUNTO‘s explanation at the bottom of the page, but the common theme seems to be that there was a universal tuning system set in place around 1940 that declared 440hz the standard for tuning. Some would say there was a noticeable change when this happened, spawning groups and artists like The Beatles as well as early heavy metal, insinuating a change to darker, more chaotic music based on an only 8hz change.

Moving on from the history lesson, it would seem to me that “Nonsense” does have an underlying feeling of unity or possibly positivity, and SQUNTO himself built upon this by reincorporating some sounds from the beginning of the track into the rest. While titled “Nonsense,” I’m led to believe that a song that makes you think and learn is not as much of a tripe as it’s title would suggest.

Not going to lie, I thought this was about to be some mid-tempo based off the introduction, but I’m here now to tell you SQUNTO has not made that jump (yet). “Nonsense” definitely has a lot of different sounds it uses throughout, but there’s this odd upbeat, unified feeling that ultimately makes it a track you can go off to and/or sit back and chill to. Maybe I’m mistaken here, my ears aren’t exactly the most trained out there, but I wonder if that IS because of this 8hz change in tuning. Either way, overall, “Nonsense” will be something I recommend to everybody I come across not only because it sounds GREAT, but the underlying idea is something new and different for a lot of people, including myself. Who doesn’t want new ideas in a scene that’s all about out-of-the-box and out-of-the-ordinary music?

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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