Written by Erik Gonzalez

Australian born producer, Will Sparks, debuted his newest CLUBWRK label with his own ultramodern single of Ryan Riback and John Baptiste‘s 2011 hit, “Kids These Days.” The highly esteemed artist whose produced and collaborated with some of the top known DJ’s in the globe is widely known for his involvement and influence within the Melbourne Bounce scene.

Will’s version of “Kids These Days” is sure to spark up the charts with how incredibly well thought out he synchronized different styles to unify his own. The high-energy track kicks off with lyrics that shed light on a special perspective of how rave culture has come to be. The warehouse-bass feel is brought out mid-track with some 808 beats that ascend it into a faster tech-styled tempo. Lastly, Will Sparks wraps up the track by merging his Techno Bounce soundscape to elevate listeners into a state of psychedelic euphoria.

Be sure to keep up with Will Sparks’ journey as he continues to drop countless bangers! Most of which will be sure to be major hits once festivals and shows are back in business. Check out the track and lyric video below!

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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