Detroit-native BRUNCHBEATZ just dropped his newest single on Electric Hawk Records, “Bizcocho”, and this dubstep-filled cake just finished lacing up the black airforces. Your ears are first met with a flickering, buzzing sign, followed by an ominous atmosphere being set, a warning of what to expect from the poisoned pastry. It’s already too late by the point you realize there’s the Bizcocho, elbow-dropping your face with aggressive dubstep before stomping your lights out and sending you into next Tuesday with trap.
Press the play button, clear out your room, and go ham.

On a serious note, that atmosphere Brunchbeatz set right after the whole flickering lights intro gave me actual chills down my spine. “Bizcocho” comes with both dubstep and trap, both genres Brunch can deliver on and has delivered on, including here. To add onto that, that signature BRUNCHBEATZ dessert special is served up right before the song’s over, this time being arguably the most filling of them all (so far). “Bizcocho” summed up is a delightfully deadly treat for the ears, easy to bite down on with an adrenaline injection as it’s aftertaste. Enjoy the meal, let me know if you need anything else!


Learn more about the Detroit producer here in our latest feature that included him and his fire mix of unreleased tunes!


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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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