Article & Pictures by Nathen Lane

Krimer released another massive single featuring Micah Martin, “Resurrection,” Out NOW on Never Say Die Records.

Simon; whom we all know as the infamous KRIMER, first made a staple in his project with Snails back in 2015 who rinsed one of Simons’ most influential tracks, “Blow Up!” on the main stage of EDC. From then on, Krimers’ project has grown exponentially.

The track takes you on a ride of emotions starting off with the vocals, “This is my last resort for you.” That the subject loves, “Breaking the rules.” As soon as the tempo in the music changes, the beat picks up in pace; as he talks about the subject being, “Welcomed to the Resurrection…” Micah talks about the subject, “not hating forever,” as if there was some underlying meanings the subject and the vocalist hadn’t uncovered in this, “New Life.”

I absolutely love Simon’s new collaboration with Micah Martin. The track is different than what Simon has made in the past and frankly, I’m all here for it. To combine his unique sound meticulously with Micah Martin‘s voice has resurrected me from my seat with a new perspective.

One thing to really notice as we are all going through the pandemic; is to notice the direction your favorite artists’ sound takes them. Each artist is on their own adventure to discover their style, their sound; with their listeners helping the artist steer in the right direction. Many artists are afraid of experimenting out of the norm, which is why it’s important for the listeners to take note and let the artist know how their new projects make you feel. With shows not happening, the supporters and fans are what is mainly keeping all the artists mental health intact. A time with no performance royalties puts artists on a steep cliff as is; so it’s important that we really show these artists the love and recognition they deserve!

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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