Light your candles and get in your summoning circles, CultCuts latest EP The Haunting is sure to conjure up the dark energy within.

“The Haunting” titular track sets right into the eery side of things that’s to come with its entrancingly repetitive bass hits and un-easing synths which lead into demented string plucks. It is the perfect track to start down this dark path into the unknown on the demonic adventure into the darker side of wubs.

“Help” continues the tension and a new feeling of desertion with its haunting tones. Hidden underneath these are a sampling of someone out of breath, as if from continuing to flee from…something. The unknown entity impactfully unveils itself as it immersively makes its presence known through the diabolical drops. A brief reprise is offered as a helpful voice is heard. The tension rebuilds as if fighting through this dark unkown attempting to reach the “Help,” only to find out you’ve already been caught in the eyes of the beast.

The energy takes a sharp turn on “Passage of Arms.” What was once fear is now full realization. Fight or flight, the decision has been to fight. An intricate dance of battle ensues, with each bass wub and synth hit attacking, parrying, lunging and engaging one another in the ultimate free form bout. Easily my favorite from the EP and one I instantly added onto our Space Wubs Spotify Playlist.

“Skrrt” takes both the previous sonic energies that have been presented thus far on The Haunting and yeets them right out of the project. This one is most definitely gonna be played out by some of your favorite DJs at your favorite wub filled fests once we get back to normal. The sounds are fully encompassing and goes to show…never rely on previous perceptions for what’s to come in the future.
The power of The Haunting is possessive. The first tracks do a perfect job of presenting something full of tension, dark, maybe even dangerous, but while still perfectly pulling you into its mystery to discover more. With “Passage of Arms” the project gets flipped on its head in the best way possible before it fully exorcists the energy to end in one wubalicious anthem.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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