TRIPLESICKZ and N377 join forces on the eerie and dark “Nightmare Sonata”, a composition full of sounds that induce chills as well as fear. The mid-tempo track directs us on a 5 minute journey, with a chaotic-yet-controlled atmosphere arising and the drops simulating a sprint from what haunts us. Both Rhode Island-based, TRIPLESICKZ’ dark electronic flare fuses perfectly with the cinematic-style of N377, giving rise to “Nightmare Sonata”‘s haunting, pursuant feeling. A welcome add to any dark electronic playlist, TRIPLESICKZ and N377‘s masterpiece is just a click away from keeping you awake at night.

“Nightmare Sonata” plays just like a movie for your ears, and it’s one of the best horror movies we’ve heard. Those haunting voices that create the dark atmosphere, the drums and synths in the background that only add to that atmosphere, the tension that gets built up and the way it’s stretch until it’s snapped, it’s just so easy to find good things here. With each re-listen, I’m only discovering more things to look out for that make the track more and more unsettling each run-through. TRIPLESICKZ and N377 deliver on “Nightmare Sonata” in a dark, scary, soul-stirring, massive way, and is a must-listen. Click. That. Play. Button.


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Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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