The wonky new track coming from Big N Slim and Blaize slaps. And the vocals, turning this into an anthem, gives it the extra oomph needed to be thrown into your playlists. The Miami-duo turn UP, continuing to impress with the hardest drops this side of the equator. They make sure that you’re going to be needing that AQUAFINA when you’re done listening to this one. Blaize, the electrifying producer A.K.A Blas√© in the house realm, turns TF up delivering rap vocals that aren’t just catchy but add to that air of swagger around the track. The trio and their track should be expected to be in mixes all over soon, get accustomed to it and bang out it before it was popular.

The hip-hop lead that introduces us to the vocals, immaculate. It’s small, but setting the tone early gives the listener an idea of what to expect, and yet I still don’t think anyone could be prepared. Chill, yet still hype, that wonky first drop with the layering bringing us width. This is one of those tracks that makes you walk around in a squat with your arms flailing around you. The last drop is just disgustingly heavy, and although I’m not talented enough to tell whether it’s riddim or dubstep, I can definitely say this one’s going off in the months to follow. Make sure to check out the duo, Big N Slim, as well as the jaw-droopingly talented Blaize, and keep up to date with everything new they’re doing!


Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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