Revenge of The Unicorns is the much anticipated EP release from PRODIGY Moore Kismet. The EP is OUT NOW via Never Say Die and features collabs from Leotrix, Voltrasnowcloak and even Momma Kismet got in on the fun. I have personally been psyched for the release for a MINUTE so let’s dive right in!
Starting off with a sweet softly sweeping lullaby, “Convulsion Therapy” sprinkles on some pixie dust bringing the unique forward thinking sound design to forefront with some tweaked up vocals pitched all the way up underneath. I’m sure the sampling is Moore Kismet themselves. The drop comes it and takes you everywhere but where you expected. Seriously this track has some layers, I’m sure with every listen I will discover a new aspect I didn’t hear before. While it twinkles in and out of the realm of Never-Neverland the bass comes back in to slap ya sideways before ending magically back into its beginning lullaby.
“Flair” was the first single off of Revenge of The Unicorns. It came out earlier this year and features Momma Kismet, Moore Kismet’s mother. Check out our article for our full in-depth review of “Flair” and to read our quote from Moore Kismet on what the track means to them.
“They Changed,” a collab with snowcloak, continues the mystical tinkering of time with some light flute work hidden underneath the surface. At about the minute mark the track begins its transformation and opens up the gates for a little filth. There are some drowned out samples that come in before the track has an epic build up into another dimension altering drop that ping pongs you from one reality to another. Some string work is then introduced while the ever present ticking teases in once more. The distorted vocal samples are heard again then becoming more clear as we are treated to yet another drop paving the way to the beautiful realization of an ending harboring back to this enthusiastically tormented music box lullaby.
“Self-Expression” continues the general sonic feel of things before it moves to a sort of industrial sounding build up. It quickly transforms once more bringing a bit more of a mainstream vibe with the drop. During the break some winding sounds are introduced that reminded me a bit of bubbles floating in  a sunny sky. Those bubbles are burst with the second drop though as it weaves in and out of its flowing groove.
When I heard a collab with Leotrix and Moore Kismet was in the works I was more than ready to have to all the way in my eardrums. “Adore” starts out with a bit more of an ominous tone that the rest of the tracks, creating and building tension on the forefront. The two producers waste no time to harness that tension into something energetic, beautiful yet still devious in the best ways possible. The second drop in particular with the way it pauses, runs it back and flips all about is absolute bonkers and had me wanting, no begging, for more! PLEASE!!!
I hope you saved some energy for the grand finale. Cause Moore Kismet and Voltra come out the gate swinging; like they just dropped in the hot zone on a battle royale. Shit this one was probably a Black Label release that sneaked its way onto the main NSD radar. “Duplex” has the perfect blend of trap vibes done correctly. For all those producers sayin trap ain’t dead and they wanna bring it back for the world, take notes on this track, as it blends bass elements subtly and perfectly.
Revenge of The Unicorns is an astounding accumulation of Moore Kismet’s growth as one of the top up-and-coming producers. Seriously if it wasn’t for all this wacky series of events were calling “2020” they would EASILY be headlining shows across the country, if not the world, by this time already. With every release Moore proves again that their creativity has not stopped flowing yet and continues to ever evolve – and were here for it.
Moore Kismet where will you take us next?!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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