Written by Victoria Garces

A wave of nostalgia hits the Porter fandom as the 6th Anniversary of “Worlds”, the iconic debut album of Porter Robinson, hits and fans reminisce of all the times that live music was an actual thing and fly back to the “Worlds” era.

Fans at the stroke of midnight instantly celebrated the album and waited for Porter to make a post/tweet about the anniversary… and boy did we get something. The fans expected some more news on the upcoming EP, nurture, but instead Porter tweets a Soundcloud link and it’s something that was totally unexpected. He released the unreleased track “shepherdess-she heals everything” or “SHE”. This track, along with a few others, was a special track during the Worlds era as Porter ONLY played in his live sets.

The first time we hear of “SHE” is at his 2016 Electric Forest set. The short animation that was paired with “SHE” is a staple and became apart of the track and story itself.

The track starts off soft and instantly brings you back to 2014. The simple yet grungy tone take you through a journey until it stops and you hear Porter’s voice… “She Heals Everything” into harmonious violins that ascend you away into the glitched out dream that is the “Worlds” miniverse. Familiar piano chords are heard and you’re taken back with his heavy synths. For the die hard Porter fan’s, this is an anniversary to remember.

The gifts didn’t stop there! Porter added to the madness by saying on the 10 year anniversary of “Worlds” he will release ANOTHER track from the era, “hollowheart”, that didn’t quite make it to the album deadline. Don’t worry, only 1,400+ days until we get it!


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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