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RL Grime‘s label, “Sable Valley,” returns with a whopping 15-track, 51.5 minute album compilation, “Summer Vol. 1,” with new tracks from many iconic artists in the industry such as a collaboration with RL himself and Whethan, JAWNS, Capshun, and numerous more. The album is climbing its way up the charts with more and more people discovering the heat that lies within this compilation. It truly is hard to have a particular favorite, but we will dive into a few of the songs that really stood out to me. “Summer Vol. 1,” is OUT NOW on Sable Valley Records.

Taken from RL’s Facebook Page

The first track that I loved was RL’s collaboration with Whethan, “Outta Here.” From the start of the first melody in the track, RL’s style of music plays meticulously throughout the song. With massive trap kicks and those classic horns many of us remember so well in his music, “Outta Here,” is easily one of my new favorite tracks of the summer. With Whethan‘s staple sound twisting the track with his own style of electronic sounds, the second half of the song really gives you that sound that just fills the room. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel these chills and the warmth in my heart as the drop is played through. All in all, a fantastic track need I say more.

The second song that really drew me in was the second song off the album with Knock2 called,”GEMS.” The song starts off with some melodic music and a sample that says, “There is something inside there.” The vocals make my mind question exactly what is it that may be whats being talked about in the track; only to be met with a very interesting drop that instantly drew me in. With a mixture of trap snares and melodic sounds; Knock2 definitely made a name for himself and I’m all for it.

Taken from RL’s Facebook Page

The third song that really got my attention was JAWNS‘ track, “Supercell.” The song consists of eerie electronic sounds to start it off, along with a melody that makes me feel I’m about to ride on my motorcycle in an old James Bond videogame, about to face my next wave of enemies before completing the mission. I love the build up in this song, as it keeps me on my toes awaiting the next drop to come. “Supercell,” has definitely made my list of favorites on this album.

The next track off the album that really intrigued me was Kumarion’s song, “Enemy.” The song starts off with some strong Drum & Bass to soothe your ears; to be met face to face with an energy driven build- up to keep you on your toes just a little while longer. The drop itself is met with some beautiful vocals of a woman and nasty kicks of Drum & Bass; automatically making my foot thump the ground in joy to the melody. If you love Drum & Bass, then this track is definitely one worth checking out. The second drop to the song gets a little more electronic, only to finish strong with some more Drum & Bass.

Taken from RL Grimes’ Facebook

The last song that really drew me in was by an artist that goes by the name, Masayoshi Limori. Masayoshi’s song, “Realm,” from the second that I pressed play, kept me on my toes; eager to hear what’s next. The entire song has an electronic style to it that people very much love from Sable Valley. The song gave me the right amount of electronic style beats, and with the second drop, a little more of a trap-style beat to conclude the second drop in the song. The song was made meticulously. Definitely one of my other favorites of the summer.

All in all, Sable Valley’s, “Summer Vol. 1,” was a success; with many new artists getting the chance to showcase their talent under a label whom is ran by one of the most influential trap/electronic engineers in the industry. Seeing RL and his label surface some new names made me happy; as it immediately gives the listener the curiosity to see what those artists styles are and what they’re about. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, I highly suggest you do so.

Preview the album down below if you haven’t taken a chance to listen!

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