Written by Erik Gonzalez

Eprom, the West-Coast artist, has returned with another successful and distinctive track geared with his out-of-this world beats. Eprom, also part of the treasured DnB duo Shades with Alix Perez, is one of many pioneers within the experimental bass music scene that continue to drop singles navigating us through psychedelic journeys with their designs.

Photo taken from Facebook

Released via Deadbeats “FleshNet” was played over the weekend during Eprom’s Room Service set charged up with distorted future beats. The tracks fuses with some sub-bass making it perfect to vibe with and creating a well planned out track that’s audibly pleasing to any fans of bizarre styles. By the final drop, the track “FleshNet” shows a great deal of depth in the producers approach to his sound recording which everyone should experience at least once. Listen to the track below via Soundcloud or click here to view other streaming portals!

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Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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