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Oof. And I mean this in the most glowingly positive way I can. That’s about as eloquently as I can put it when I first had this compilation cross my desk. I heard rumblings about it, and small teasers that got my jimmies all rustled, but this bad boy SLAPS. Although, that’s not really a huge feat to accomplish with names like Marauda, Aweminus, Subfiltronik, and newest bass sensation, Papa Khan combining forces. Malignant Vol 1 from Malignant Music is just a pure adrenaline ride with in-your-face heaviness and unfiltered filth. I AM A FAN.

Kicking things off is “Laryngitis” by MARAUDA, who had NO RIGHT to go that hard out of the gate. I mean come on man. Put a warning label next time maybe? For real though, this thing is dirty. Just the way he is able to chop and manipulate each bass hit is masterful. But he definitely set the tone right out the gate. The sub bass manipulation and glitchiness of this thing is a masterclass in itself.

Photo by [₳M₱]

“Wook Zipper” by Subfiltronik follows as the next heavy hitter. More like SubFILTHtronik, amirite? It’s a very aptly named track because this track just zippered my brain right up and into the stratosphere. Subfiltronik is a big player in the riddim scene and often doesn’t get the love he deserves. He’s dropped tracks with riddim OG Infekt, has releases on huge labels like Bassclash Records and has been dropping straight filth in this genre for years. “Wook Zipper” is yet another heater that he’s served up and it fits right in with this comp.

Continuing on, we have “Somatic Damage” from a home state hero Calcium. He’s coming off some big success he saw in 2019 with his second EP dropping with Never Say Die. Calcium blends distinct elements from current mainstream dubstep and riddim with his own unique style that has people frothing at the mouth for more. “Somatic Damage” is 100% true to this form and has absolutely deserved a spot on this dirty compilation.

Picture Credit : Twitter

Up next we have “Neurons” from one of the scenes up-and-comers Papa Khan. You’ve no doubt heard his viral clips on Twitter and his movement of “Future Riddim” with fast pace melodic chops and chaotic beauty. “Neurons” isn’t in this style, instead Papa Khan hits us in the heartstrings with some metalcore-inspired bass tracks and insane transitions through chopping up audio into some masterful art. This is one of the artists I’m most excited to see what he can do in the future. His style is just so unique and refreshing that pushes the boundaries past what we thought this genre could get into. For sure need to keep an ear out for Papa Khan because he absolutely will be a huge name.

I want to start off with saying I love this next track. Controversial opinion I know, that’s what I’m all about. But for real, my heart is with the deep dub sub culture, and Hukae knows exactly how to scratch that itch with “Alarm Song.” Hailing from the UK, the home of Grime and Dubstep, he knows exactly what he’s doing. It just melds the worlds of OG dubstep and the newer dubstep sound perfectly. He sprinkles in some riddim elements, a dash of the sub sound culture, and garnishes with a pinch of that UK Grime feel and you got your self a spicy track.

Krischvn takes your brain, throws it in the oven that’s been pre-heating for hours, and triple bakes it with “Plate.” This track made me feel things I didn’t think were possible with music and a dubstep track. It hits hard. Everything from the glitchy melodic elements, the wild transitions, and the machine gun-like sub bass. It’s just…*chef’s kiss.* Krischvn is starting to make big waves and will continue to catch the eye of some major players. I’m excited to see what he can cook up in the future.

Rounding out the final portion of this compilation is yet another new-comer who is bound to be in more playlists in the future, SYZY. His track “Hi” is quite meta and self-referential, almost like SYZY is introducing himself to the world with this absolute heater of a track. Well trust us sir, we definitely hear you and are so happy to meet you. I for one can’t wait to see what kind of heat you’re bringing to the table.

Photo Credit: SoundCloud

The eighth track and only colab in the entire compilation is a merging of two abosulte legends of the game, Aweminus and Subfiltronik. I gushed out Subfiltronik already in this article, but Aweminus is a legend in his own rite. He’s been a major player in the scene for just shy of a decade now and has helped shaped the sound that it’s known for. Continuing to innovate, grow, and push his own boundaries has allowed him to become one of the bigger movers of the scene. Just like Vegito and Gogita, these two fusion-danced their way into a filth-filled banger with “Subminus.” This is one joining I would gladly follow into battle. Combining their years of experience and influence on this scene into a fast-paced track is exactly how I want the back half of this album.

Book-ending this monster is Marauda yet again, not knowing how to subtly begin or end things. “Blunder 2.0” is an INSANE trip from start to finish. I mean, good gravy, this track is a BEAST. Clearly inspired by metal roots, “Blunder 2.0” just absolutely demolishes you through the whole thing. Just when you think you have a moment for a breather, it comes right back in and slams into your chest like a roided out bull. Maruada is no stranger to this style though as it’s been his signature to leave you bruised and bloody, but completely satisfied. I couldn’t think of a better track to end this compilation on.

Boy-howdy was that a wild ride. This entire album is one adrenaline-fueled slamajam from start to finish. Some big names in there and some up-and-comers who have thrown their hat into the ring. Make sure you keep an eye and ear out for all the new guys, but I don’t think they need much help to skyrocket into becoming a big name of their own.

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