Written By: Blue

NAZAAR has come a long way from his humble bedroom studio beginnings. He has carved his own path in the dance world and continues to push the envelope with newer and bigger sounds. His newest release “Overclocked” is just a small taste of what’s to come on his next EP from bass heavyweights, Bassrush Records.

Picture Credit: Insomniac Artists

“Overclocked” packs a mean and powerful punch that cranks that ‘ish up to 11. As it starts to ramp up, it doesn’t let go of the gas either. NAZAAR continues to find new and inventive ways to revamp a sound that has become over-saturated as of late. Mixing styles from trap, tearout, and heavy bass he blends the styles into something familiar that has caught the ear and eye of some major players so far. You probably have already heard this track play out as it’s a crowd favorite of artists like Excision and the Lost Lands crew.

We still have a little while to wait for the full release of the new EP, but this spicy track should be enough to hold us over until then.


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