While WAKAAN is Native American for Grandmother Earth, the female essence of God, SSKWAN is the Heavenly Father or male essence of God. In 2019 Liquid Stranger announced the uniting of these two bodies in his musical realm at the inaugural WAKAAN Festival. Well to say the least the hype has BEEN REAL. Many have been patiently waited for the initial release, and were happy to say today is finally the day, and it has launched in the best of ways with Au5‘s Alchemy
You can hear the main alien, Liquid Stranger himself, tell the story of the labels and peep some unreleased down below!
“Alchemy” starts off with a tribal sounding flute that morphs into cosmic tones that twinkle with positivity. It is the perfect track to introduce the good vibes that shall be SSKWAN. The magic Au5 performs on “Alchemy” is taking the wonderment of the stars and transfusing them into sound waves. This one transports me right back into the woods on the mountain at Wakaan. “Alchemy” is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, as it is an envoy of good vibes. Halfway through the track the true journey of Alchemy begins, as it blasts into space with a wide expanse of sound. The sound making us wonder where we will be taken next. The cosmic twinkling resumes once more as the soundscape continues to expand, creating a peacefully bliss zen like state, as a traveler begins their voyage across the cosmos. 
“Vapour” inhales that zen state and breathes life fully into it. Starting off mystically continuing to a bass that hits like a heart beat pulsating the track to life. Easy to imagine our traveler floating through the stars while the rays of the universe are absorbed into their essence. This one is energy in its purest form, breathe it in and inhale the “Vapour,” as it acts to prepare for whats to come. 
Photo taken from Facebook
Having accepted the Vapours, a “Myst” now surrounds our traveler. The bass transfuses its sound as the melody warps around it. The sound manipulations on this one really makes it its own unique entity. The “Myst” clears around the traveler as a previously undiscovered world peaks forth. A encompassing flute tone is riddled in and out giving something to grasp onto in this new reality. Truly a track to start any journey to the “Myst” representing the acceptance of the unknown, and embracing the new. 
 An ever expanding encompassing tone builds as a simple loop is repeatedly building. The traveler descends to the new world “Neptuna,” this fresh wonderment of reality. Some distorted bells are rung, sounding as if coming from underwater with each ring. The mystery of the depths grows throughout the track as it drones out its low-key low-tempo vibes strumming us along its timeline. This one definitely has some strong elements of minimalism as it builds on its initial melody, never letting go and improving upon it in the simplest, slightest yet beautiful of ways. 
Continuing the exploration of this new world “Etheros” offers a feeling of complete awe. As if the traveler has seen a beautiful landscape; discovered for the first time, as any eyes are laid upon it for the first time. The essence of exploration in true form. An eternal inhale or realizations. Reaching for nirvana on an alien oasis. “Etheros” is the sounds of pure fulfillment. 
attached-alchemy-2Photo taken from Facebook
Still exploring and coming off the empowering movement of “Etheros” our traveler now stumbles upon “The Cliff” on the alien surface. As the bass fills the chasm below a softly, playfully bouncing synth is lightly introduced and slowly faded into prominence. It leaves quicker than it came in, having you wanting more but now its the bass’ turn to take the lead in this intertwining dance of musical composition. Taking in the expanse one breathe at a time astonished by the cosmic wonder, the realization and acceptance of just how small one being is in this ever linked universe of light creeps into the mind.
We are all one.  
Starting off strongly with strings of sympathy our traveler must now leave this new found world and return home, having accomplished their goal of discovery. They must now accomplish their new goal; sharing this new beauty with the world. A bittersweet journey but one filled with hope. The hope is felt as the song grows taking full embodiment with each sharper pull of he bows. Tension builds as the uncertainty of doubt takes shape before being overtaken by the new power, the power of SSKWAN. A bell rings back in the faith of light and positivity as “Return to Moonland” reclaims the power. 
We cant wait for more from Au5 and SSWKAN so make sure you follow them to stay up to date with all the latest releases! 

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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