Written by Victoria Garces

Denver native, Steven Black aka Sky Suite issues his latest with Wubaholics in a power punched 2-track EP titled, SPACE SHIFT. Steven has worked along side with the likes NotLö and Maroc. While continuously creating and moving forward with his growing project, he brings his heavy experimental sound to the table with SPACE SHIFT. This EP showcases what Steven has been working on in the studio.


The opening track of the EP is ‘Vanilla Coke’ and it begins with an ominous tone and a deep synth that lures you straight in. The drop comes with full force as distorted subs slap you in the face…but in a good way. Sky Suite‘s sound design shines through with his dark synths and experimental trap groove, broadcasting a huge light on himself.

This is what the rising artist had to say about the SPACE SHIFT EP

SPACE SHIFT represents the shift in emotion, feeling, and overall mental head-space that happens when your life changes suddenly. Sometimes I feel like one moment I am full and happy and the next I feel lonely and helpless. I hope these songs remind you that you are loved, that it’s OK to feel, and that through hard times you can achieve growth. 


Listen to the FULL EP on Wubaholics.


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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