Article Written by: Nathen Lane

UK native Badklaat, has released another smashing track titled, “Bring It“!
OUT NOW on Never Say Die Records.

Taken From Badklaats’ Facebook

Badklaat continues to put out music that seeps under your skin, and throws you in the pit. From the creator of massive tracks such as, “Head Crush,” “Knuckle Sandwhich,” Adam James, (or Badklaat as we know it), has shown us what he’s been cooking up in the studio. The track, “Bring It,” gave me this nostalgic feeling of when Never Say Die Volume 6 came out. A mix of that older, big-room style of dubstep meticulously mixed with the newer style of electronic music. I can feel the intensity throughout the song as it plays all the way through. The beginning of the song starts off calm; with some samples talking about going, “Back to the streets,” and to “Bring the drama,” as if insinuating the intensity of the drop as it sweeps you right off your feet. By the end of the song, the itch of wanting to hear this over loud speakers becomes very real. So please, wear your masks!

Taken From Badklaat’s Facebook

Overall, Badklaat’s latest release was what the listeners wanted, and much much more. As the pandemic continues to unfold, it’s important to take note of some artists direction of music; as many are constantly evolving their sound. If you like hard hitting, rail-riding dubstep, then Badklaat’s song, “Bring It,” is definitely one to preview.

Take a listen for yourself down below and see Badklaat‘s latest release, “Bring It.”


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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