Written by Victoria Garces

Buckle in folks, you’re in for a wild ride with the latest from EZEKIEL. Releasing with Wicked Records, Houston native, EZEKIEL, gives us his power packed EP, GOD MACHINE. Corey Zielke is no stranger to the producing game. He first entered the DAW world when he was 15 and started with hiphop beats, like most producers do. The love for dubstep came when he got introduced to the UK grime sounds and the rest was history.

photo by Victoria Garces

GOD MACHINE takes on a grimey trap journey inside the mind of EZEKIEL. The thematic EP gives us dark trap drums and high energy growls like in “DIVINITY ENGINE” and wicked sound design in “BLOCC.” We got a change to chat with the rising producer and talk to him about his release.

TRILLVO – Thank you for joining us! Congratulation on your EP! How have you been doing during these tough times?

EZEKIEL – It’s been hard for everybody I think, and it’s hit the music industry especially hard. Live shows and events have always been a big part of the inspiration behind my music, and without them it’s been difficult to find inspiration for creating. I had only just gotten comfortable playing my music in my sets before COVID happened, and this EP was originally designed to be full of the music that I was playing out at my shows.

That being said it’s given me a lot of time to improve my craft, and I think this EP does a really good job of showing that.

T: How long have you been producing for and getting this EP ready?

E: I started producing when I was like 15 years old on a cracked version of FL10, I didn’t do much with it. I made hip hop beats mostly because at this point I had never even heard much EDM or dance music before, it was actually my interest in UK grime music that sparked my ultimate interest in dubstep and bass music.

The thematic concept of this EP has been around for about a year now, but I’ve been working on the 3 songs that actually made the cut since just before quarantine started back in February.

T: How is it working alongside Wicked Record for this release?

E: Wicked has been really awesome throughout this whole thing. Its actually kinda crazy because originally I was only going to be releasing “Blocc” with them. That track was the first of the EP that I finished and I had pitched it to them originally as a single, and I was going to self release the EP a few months later.

Skip forward a few months later and I had the first demos for God Machine I was sending out to labels and blogs, I sent a copy to Wicked and they locked down the rest of the EP within 24 hours.

T: What was your creative process for the GOD MACHINE EP?

When I start a project for EZEKIEL, whether its a single or a group of releases, I usually start with a thematic concept and build from there.
The idea for the God Machine project came to me one night when I was brainstorming some potential themes for my EP. There is a concept in science fiction called Clarkes Third Law that basically says that technology can be so far advanced and ahead of its time that it is indistinguishable from magic.

That concept is the inspiration behind the sound and thematic elements of the whole EP.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

-Arthur C. Clarke
T: Who were some inspirations for these tracks? 

E: Well I mentioned the thematic inspirations for the project, but as far as who inspired the actual music, that would for sure have to be STUCA and Oddprophet, they are the driving force behind my sound.

T: Where do you see the EZEKIEL project going?

E: Well I have some big goals of eventually releasing on NSD: Black Label and Jadu Dala, my release structure moving forward is going to be more like releasing a couple of really good EPs a year rather than dropping singles all year long. 

I also have some big ideas for large scale productions eventually, I want my live events to be an experience, something you can’t find anywhere else. EZEKIEL is very thematic, and I want that to be reflected in my music and my shows.

T: Thank you so much for your time! Make sure to follow EZEKIEL on all his socials!


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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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