Dallas-made chromonicci‘s brand new EP, Metropolis2104, brings us on an adventure into the future. Told to us through our ears, yet still evoking the same emotions as if you’re reading word for word out of a book. The experimental EP’s story truly feels, grabs and tugs on the right emotions at the right times, helping you set a story in your head to the music. For instance, the high notes on the piano halfway through “Matrix” come in both before and after more upbeat parts, giving off the impression the protagonist was put in a moment where perhaps there was heartbreak or a tug on their heart-strings. A well told and produced story, Metropolis2104 continuously evolves replay after replay, and I can’t help but get more and more captivated the more I listen. Well done, chromonicci.

Every second of chromonicci‘s EP built off some sort of emotion, and he told and delivered on this in stunning fashion. “Escape” felt like an escape from falsehoods, and an awakening to what’s really out there, giving way to the inevitable feeling that the world is against you. “Protocol94” was the nightmare we can’t escape, the real world equivalent to an Order 66. It’s coming, the possibility is here, and we have to stop it. Where all the other tracks are amazing, “Metropolis2104” gives us the victory song we had hoped for. Hanging off the side of the rails, the train taking you away from the corrupt, vile city that is Metropolis2104, you hear a voice in the background of the song telling you the date; November 11th, 2104. 186 years to the date of the signing of a ceasefire agreement between the Allied Powers and Germany that ended World War 1. Captivating all around, Metropolis2104 is an easily replay-able, masterfully produced story by chromonicci that only gets more and more layered as you up those plays.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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