If you havent heard of Pyro yet, you may wanna recheck how close your ear really is to the blossoming underground that is bass and EDM production. PYRO hails from San Antonio and his most recent release, “Mash It Up” dropped on Buygore last week. Well, he is wasting no time with dropping his next heater in the form of “Rougaro” which dropped TODAY (9.9.20) via Prime Audio‘s Mixture Vol. 8.

Summoning up all the heat of the summer for one epic close out to the season “Rougarou” starts with pure energy and wastes no time to harness it. The track backspins into a maddening laughter and vocal sample to bring on the full fury of the drop ,chop after chop. Easily one you can see being dropped in some doubles or triples by favorite riddim DJs. PYRO offers a brief break in the madness before he slaps ya back upside the head with the second drop that brings that same energy and then some!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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