Written by Sina Watson

Detroit House producer MASTERIA continues to cause “Mayhem” in 2020 with one fresh house track after another. He is back once again with another infectious tune. Showcasing his versatility and softer side, “Don’t Want You,” puts an optimistic spin on an otherwise dark emotion.

The track begins with a male vocal, declaring “I don’t want you anymore.” Does this mean MASTERIA and I are breaking up?! Oh no he is saying it again, so it must be true. Soon I hear the familiarity of the deep and dark bassline MASTERIA brings to each one of his tracks. Next thing I know the beat drops into a bouncy perfection for shuffling the heartbreak away.

When creating “Don’t Want You,” I wanted to capture the emotional energy and intensity that we experience when we decide to walk away from something that was a significant part of our lives. Whether it be leaving a relationship, a career change, or starting a new chapter in life and walking away from what was familiar. Turning those pages in our lives is tough and can bring intense emotions along with it, but experiencing those emotions is what makes us who we are. It’s part of what makes us human. With this track, I wanted to frame that type of energy in a positive way. A way that makes you want to dance while doing the dishes, or walk a bit faster while you’re going down the street.” – MASTERIA

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Trillvo Interview with Masteria

Posted by:Sina Watson

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