Written by Erik Gonzalez

Ukrainian Duo ARTBAT and Swedish producer/singer Sailor & I recently collaborated to create their latest work “Best of Me.”  The dreamlike single was released via Metaphysical, an imprint off of Berlins’ Get Physical Music. Both producers that come to form ARTBAT, Artur & Batish, are known to continuously conquer the electronic scene with their numerous creations that dive into their own unique set of house and techno production styles. Sailor & I, real name Alexander Sjödin, provides the vocals for the track that showcase how emotive the multi-instrumentalist artist is when it comes to his sound.

“Best of Me” transports you through a wave of euphoric tunes that drift alongside emotive lyrics. By the first build up the baseline amps up into progressive tech-house beats. The climb into the second drop, overlaid with lyrics like “And it’s you, who’s taking me higher. You, who’s bringing me up” guides your mind into the feeling of escaping reality alongside the uplifting and melodious synths. The blend between both groups talent truly makes the “Best of Me” a piece of art. Listen to a live snippet of the track from ARTBAT’s set at Soho Garden in Dubai via the Youtube link below or click here to view all streaming portals for the full song!

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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