As the Baked Up brand continues on flourishing through these times with their packed livestreams, the Austin based company’s umbrella grows wider as they introduce that they are now taking over WhiteNoiize and becoming a record label, Hot Out The Oven Records (HOTOR)! The label’s mission is to bring piping, hot new sounds to the forefront as well as a safe community for people to feel welcomed and accepted. The day Baked Up announced their label, they had submissions into the double digits sent in that same day!

We are looking for a variety of artists and sounds. We’re excited by those pushing themselves and the boundaries of their art.

-Said Jalajal, Artist Relations Representative

Today, the label announced that they will be debuting their first compilation album with the Baked Up artists, Baked Dozen. The album will be called “Escape the Madness” and will include tracks of various genres of electronic music from our current artist roster*. This Baked Dozen compilation is something that they have been planning on with their artists since before the label came into play. This will be the 2nd compilation from the BD crew, their Christmas release “12 Days of Drops” being the first one.

“The team and I are ready to hit the ground running on this project” says Sydney Rogers, Head Chef/CEO of Baked Up. HOTOR is no 2-person army. The bakery has many chefs but the head ones being Jaeci Barber (Artist and Repertoire Representative), Abel Trinidad (Marketing Manager), Leandrea Gwen (Content Creator) and Alex Barker (Administrative Assistant). The team is ready to listen to your submissions and bring your music into the ears of many.

I had a chance to chat with Sydney and Said to talk about the new chapter and how HOTOR came to be.

What made y’all want to combine forces?

Said: While working with Sydney on the Christmas release, I really enjoyed how she worked. Pretty much most of the team from Whitenoiize left but I still had a lot of passion about the project. Ultimately the name of what we do isn’t as important as the impact we aim to have. With this team behind the project I feel we are in a great position to shake things up.

Sydney: I have always admired Said as a person; he is hard working, intelligent, kind and our mindsets are very similar. When quarantine started, we would occasionally talk on the phone about how we were staying motivated to get work done and how we were being creative given the new limitations COVID was placing on the music industry. Fast forward a few months – our Baked Dozen management team (Abel, Jaeci and I) had our artists put together a second compilation album that we had sent out to a label that got rejected. We knew it would be hard to get it signed to a bigger label given that there were 12 songs and they were all pretty diverse. Instead of getting discouraged, I got to thinking – my original idea was, what if we worked hand in hand with Whitenoiize moving forward. We could have a deal with them stating that would be the only label we ever released Baked Dozen compilation albums on for exclusivity. I called up Said and talked to him briefly about this and to my surprise, he mentioned us actually combining forces for the label as a whole. After further discussion, we decided to add the label under our Baked Up umbrella, do a full re-brand – turning Whitenoiize into Hot Out The Oven Records, and bring Said onto our main Baked Up team; where he would be helping us run the label.

What goals do you have for the label?

Said: I’d like for us to create an atmosphere of growth and collaboration. We want to cultivate a community around what we do and encourage an atmosphere of creativity. It would be awesome to get top charting tracks around the world, having artist that work with us being able to sustain through their art.

Sydney: A big goal I have for the label is to be actively signing music from artists overseas. I really believe there is incredible talent everywhere and I would love to work with artists from all over the world.

What can artists expect from releasing on Hot Out The Oven Records?

Said: They get your standard distribution on major platforms (Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Beatport, etc). Personal consultation over the technical and creative aspects of accepted tracks. Promotion and support of release of track.

Down the line we want to offer instruction, brand development, competitions, live opportunities and networking opportunities.

Sydney: Basically what Said said but to elaborate in a different perspective – When artists release from our label, we really want these artists to feel like they are joining our family. We are grateful to work with such amazing artists as far as bookings go for shows and live streams, but signing someone’s track to our label is extra special in my eyes. We are ready to go the extra mile for the artists whose tracks we sign so we can show the world how incredible they are and how incredible their track is.

Gizmø – Still Getting It
Gratum – What We Telling Them
Jadip ft. Amplekti – Earth
James Gary – Talk To Me
Little Fohx ft. Zoe Zobrist – Out Of My Mind
Lazy K – Glock On My Hip
LovelyBones – MMHMM!
Milazzo – Lemme Tell Ya
Ron Austin – Not Ok But It’s Ok
Saratonin: Gimme Da Chocolate
Tek Savvy – Mescaline In Vegas
Zkosta ft. Elon Degenerate – Focus



Posted by:Victoria Garces

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