Written by: Michael Placencia

When i_o & Raito team up, it’s more than just a collab. You know something good is coming, and lucky for us, it’s a whole revolution. That’s right, this EP is filled with classic Techno vibes that will make even the snobbiest of Techno faithful listen to it with adept ears. “Sensation” opens the EP and immediately sets the tone for the type of experience you’re in for. Those deep sounds with driving punctuating rhythms make this track alive. This is perfect for those pitch black warehouse raves. “Revolution” has to be the standout track of the EP. It starts with those low progressive melodies, before erupting into an Acid Techno banger. i_o and Raito really went all out with this one. It’s sure to get any dance floor energized. “Cash” is another darkly satisfying track whose lyrics pretty much speak for itself. It’s a devious foray into even more Techno territory. Last but certainly not least, “Don’t Stop” closes out this dark chapter of a collab with its darkest tones yet. It’s a track that will make you embrace your inner heathen.

attached-i_o & RaitoPhoto courtesy of newsbreak.com

For more on both i_o and Raito, follow them on their socials below:

i_o’s Soundcloudi_o’s Twitteri_o’s Instagram

Raito’s SoundcloudRaito’s SpotifyRaito’s Twitter

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