Article and Pictures by Nathen Lane

Spag Heddy has released yet another super-saucey track, “Bomb,” on the monstrous Never Say Die Records. To say this song isn’t full of the grimey bass and eclectic sounds filled with too much sauce, you’d definitely be wrong…you can never have too much sauce.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane

Spag Heddy, an iconic dubstep sound engineer out of Spain; showed his listeners what sauce he’s been stirring up in the studio with the new release of his track, “Bomb.” Frankly the listeners are all here for it. The track consists of some samples throughout the track talking about time freezing, and that there’s, “no way to deliver the bomb.” As you get closer to the drop, the intensity increases and the drop explodes with high energy dubstep sounds to give you this meticulous track. I think this is one of Spag’s harder-hitting tracks from what has been released as of late; which the listeners are more than pleased about. You can hear Spag Heddy’s sound constantly evolving as the project moves forward with each new release. Time and time again, Spag has shown his Meatball Mafia what the sauceman is all about.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane

Be sure to take a listen to Spag Heddy’s track, “Bomb,” down below if you haven’t done so already!

Spag Heddy

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