Written by Erik Gonzalez

The electronic DJ brothers that form the group DubVision, Victor and Stephan Leicher, recently dropped a single via STMPD RCRDS. The Dutch duo, who’s also released under major labels like Spinnin’ Records and Armada Music, have delivered us an ultra-modern single titled “Like This” that flows back and forth from vibrant House and Progressive House melodies. The track may also sound familiar if you’ve listened to Martin Garrix‘s premiere of it during his Tomorrowland 2020 liveset.

Taken from Facebook

The tune that sways into “Like This” is what quickly draws listeners to the rhythmic synths. Right away the build up converts into an organic and energetic baseline that blasts their design to sound fuller. To add to their electro dynamic, the lyrics “I can’t believe that you have to leave like this” follow the beat with a glitch effect that powers up their build-ups and drops. Though “Like This” is different from some of their past releases, the track assures you the duo is headed into the right direction no matter the genres they incorporate. Even in a 2017 interview, Stephan defined the word success as “Being happy with what you release, and staying connected with your fans… to reach more fans, and make more music.” Listen to the track via the SoundCloud link below or visit STMPD RCRDS to view streaming other streaming portals!

SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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