Germany-based DJ/producer Adame (AKA Fabian Diaz Adame) has been on a scorching tear through 2020, releasing 8 tracks (and a mix) that span multiple different genres in the last 6 months. His newest release, “Grimy Way,” incorporates distortion among other high amounts of heavy sound design to create an extremely energetic atmosphere. The extremely uncommon break-beat/trap combination is a perfect pairing, and Adame delivers masterfully on a pairing that hasn’t been explored enough. On top of “Grimy Way” being an expertly delivered track, it’s the message behind the idea and song that add the extra adrenaline rush to top it all off.

“Grimy Way” is a track inspired by 90s Hip Hop and Garage/Breakbeat Songs. Its mainly focused on the drops and sound design, using a lot of distortion and noise to carry on the energy! I tried to recreate the “gangsta” feelings of 90s Rap with modern Glitch and Bass Sounds to give the song a story of sonic “drive by.” Trying to remind people that we need to stand up and not back down against injustice and abuse! Taking a stand to push our values even if that means “not following the law.”   


Electrifying, heavy, energetic, deadly, AND forward-thinking is a combination that you just can’t beat. Everything about “Grimy Way” just FEELS like it’s injected with zest serum, and every replay is almost like finding another piece to the puzzle and placing it down. Unique ideas and innovative combinations are usually a creative way to push any industry, whether the medium be arts, music, philosophy, technology, or politics. And we’ve got a hunch that the message behind the track gains even more force behind it when you make the connection between innovativeness, uniqueness, and the want and ability to stand out and make yourself known.

Make sure to give the innovator himself a follow on his socials linked below, and check out his past releases to get an idea of what he can do!

Connect with Adame

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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